What is dog bone disease?

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bone diseases originated in the United States nearly a century and a half ago, but in recent years, like most alternative and natural therapies, this practice is becoming popular. It is mainly based on the principle of manipulation and restoration of balance, and aims to treat so-called functional diseases. Bone disease has also been adapted into a dog to deal with various symptoms and diseases that may affect it.


bone disease: General principles applied to dog bone disease

common indications of dog bone disease skin problems, joint pain, dyspnea or claudication, Dog bone disease can be intervened in many cases to improve animal health and welfare. Let’s look at the general principle of bone disease, its application in dogs, and its various indications.

bone disease: general principle

bone disease is a so-called unconventional, alternative and energy therapy. It is usually a supplement to the antagonistic treatment of diseases.

is based on manual operation of muscles, bones and related tissues to reduce or treat functional diseases.

bone diseases are also used to treat problems affecting the urinary, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems, And diseases of ear, nose, throat and respiratory system.


finally pointed out that the occurrence of bone disease was not yesterday. In 1874, the American doctor Dr. Andrew Taylor Steele (1828-1917) laid the foundation. One of his followers, the Englishman John Martin Littlejohn (1865-1947), is regarded as the pioneer of European bone diseases. He founded the British College of bone diseases in London.

is applied to dog bone diseases

. When his practice is oriented to dog health, what about bone diseases? The orthopaedic profession of dogs is now well regulated in France. Decree No. 2017-572 of April 19, 2017 (on the code of ethics for persons engaged in animal bone disease and the procedure for their inclusion in the list maintained by the Veterinary Association) is the reference text in this field.

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dogs. They can be veterinarians trained in bone diseases or bone patients from professional training institutions that have passed the aptitude test. The latter is provided by the Veterinary Association.

like human patients, dog bone disease treatment is divided into three stages:

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Medical history: the orthopedic doctor asks the dog’s owner about his symptoms, medical history, etc. the doctor also observes and analyzes the animal’s posture. Diagnosis: the diagnosis of bone disease is palpation. These are lightweight and targeted. This step aims to detect movement problems and imbalances affecting the dog’s body. Care: bone care is performed manually and applied to the area defined in the previous step. heThis is to restore balance and reduce dysfunction. The common indication of canine bone disease

canine bone disease can be prevented, especially in animals that often participate in sports competitions. The purpose is to prepare their musculoskeletal system for exercise in the best way and also help to recover.

as a treatment, dog bone disease can affect: digestive system diseases, Reproductive problems, joint problems (pain, stiffness, etc.), renal failure, skin problems, growth problems, and behavioral and neurological problems

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