To survive, this dog feeds on aluminum and stone, a family offers him love!

From a skeletal dog who lived alone in the woods to the life she now leads with her new family, Molly’s journey has been incredible.

In January 2018, a dog Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle cross) called Molly was discovered in a sad state, while trying to survive alone in the forest. Besides being extremely thin , her hair was very dirty and matted .

Molly was subsequently groomed . Nearly 3 kg of soiled hair was thus removed. After that, she weighed 11 kg , which is half the weight she must have been. When she regained some strength, she was airlifted to New Jersey thanks to the organization Flying Fur Animal Rescue . There she was greeted by the Burlington County Animal Alliance team , who then turned her over to Susan Nocito .

This helped her overcome her shyness and regain self-confidence . 3 weeks later, Molly was ready to be offered for adoption. It was ultimately Cheryl Sgroi and her family, including 3 children and 2 other dogs , who adopted her .

Since then, the dog has led a happy and peaceful life . She is in perfect health and full of energy.

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