Using a pan and a PVC pipe, these firefighters manage to save a litter of puppies and their mother, stuck in a gutter!

Firefighters used their creativity and initiative to rescue a puppy that was just a few days old. Helped by a local resident, they made a little DIY worthy of an episode of MacGyver, and their strategy turned out to be a winner.

Firefighters may be equipped to deal with any eventuality, they sometimes find themselves faced with situations where the tools they have at their disposal are not enough . They must then deal with what they have at hand and let their sense of improvisation express itself. This is what those of Colleton County, in the State of South Carolina (southern United States) did.

As reported by ABC 4 News , the firefighters in question and the animal control service of the same county were called to intervene on the side of a local road, on September 11. The emergency services had been warned by a resident that a dog and her young , a handful of days old, had found themselves stuck in a gutter .

When they arrived at the scene, they were able to easily get the mother and most of her litter out , but the last puppy had sunk into the duct for about 6 meters and was out of reach.

The firefighters then took a PVC pipe they had found on the spot and taped a small saucepan brought by the local resident who had called them.

After several attempts, they finally managed to retrieve the little dog using this improvised utensil .

The whole canine family was now reunited and safe . The last rescued puppy was named Scoop .


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