Dog’s cold

Illustration : "Les rhumes chez le chien"

cough, sneeze, runny nose… These are one of the most common cold symptoms in human beings.


these symptoms may make your dog suspect of catching a cold. What if your dog catches a cold? A disease that can be transmitted to other dogs. Just like our cold, dogs will catch a cold when their temperature drops. Although they are usually less sensitive to low temperature than humans, sometimes their natural defense ability is not enough to protect them from winter.

colds are usually not serious in dogs, especially if they are treated quickly. However, vigilance must be maintained to ensure that coughing or sneezing does not cover up more worrying things. By learning how to recognize the symptoms and take the correct response, you can ensure that your dog recovers to its best state when it has a cold.

usually refers to the symptoms that may cause your dog’s

to catch a cold, A cold won’t affect your dog’s health. It can last for several days and completely cure without affecting the animal’s body. The symptoms of cold in


dogs are basically the same as ours. Sick dogs may sneeze repeatedly. It can also be obtained by coughing or running nose. So far, there are only slight signs that this is just a mild benign cold.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register that your email address is collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. On the other hand, if the symptoms worsen, accompanied by other symptoms (high fever, sleepiness, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.) and last for a long time, other more serious diseases, such as kennel cough, need to be considered. In this case, the throw is thick, from yellow to green. In this case, you must see a veterinarian. What if your dog catches a cold? If your dog has a cold, don’t panic. Tell yourself that colds usually go away after a few days. However, it must be cared for and provided with appropriate conditions for its rehabilitation.

must reduce travel time to avoid further weakening animals, and priority must be given to health travel (only required) You also need to reduce his exercise, let him rest, control his cough and make sure he drinks enough water. Be sure to put cold water beside him, make sure he eats enough, give him a comfortable and warm place to sleep, recover his strength, and make sure he is quiet around him to promote his rest. This love can be passed on to other kdsp dogs If adult dogs and dogs without other diseases recover well from colds, puppies and elderly animals should be particularly careful because their bodies are more fragile.

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“in addition, please note, A dog with a cold will pollute its kind.Put the sick animal aside until it heals. However, dog colds are not contagious to humans.

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