Cohabitation of adult dogs and puppies

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, the social relationship between dogs is sometimes very complex, especially between adult dogs and puppies. There are many parameters to consider. The passivity and social inheritance of dogs are the basis of good or bad cohabitation relations.


the relationship between adult dogs and puppies the legacy of childhood: the adhesive of the relationship between adult dogs and puppies

in dogs, social relations are always based on dominant relations, Even if cohabitation is peaceful. On the contrary, when the match is not good, the psychological trauma of dogs to themselves is much more serious than a simple fight between two unknown dogs.

the relationship between adult dogs and puppies

the continuous contact between puppies and adult dogs is very important for the development of puppies, Ideally, it’s a mother, but if it’s not there, it needs another adult to play the role of supervisor.

Puppies learn from the youngest adult until about 8-10 weeks, so it’s important for them to contact as long as possible. At every age, it learns: feeding, self-control, bite regulation… Human beings will never be as good as dogs in raising dogs. In adulthood, puppies learn to separate from themselves and evolve independently, which is the end of weaning and the beginning of autonomy. If you think your puppy is too stressed (or just prevention), you can help it calm down naturally through aromatherapy. Petscool Soothing Essential oil diffuser is a good ally to reduce the pressure between two cohabiting animals.

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have a great impact on adult puppy relationships in the first few months of a dog’s life. In fact, an adult dog with an ideal family model is more likely to welcome a puppy calmly if he can grow up with his parents.

an adult male dog who is well educated and used to mating with other dogs can also be a good teacher for dogs. You can observe aggressive behavior from time to time. Don’t panic too fast. It may be that adults are teaching dogs manners. The dog is always safe from this sudden attack. Growling is part of the relationship between dogs. Dogs try to intimidate big dogs, while adult dogs set boundaries – nothing is more normal, right?

on the other hand, if you find that the attack lasts for a long time, or your little dog has body marks, will you intervene? Adult females usually have more unpredictable behavior than males. Females have the ability to recognize that one puppy is their offspring and the other is not. According to their logic, the dog must stay with his mother. In this case, she thinks he is an orphan and ignores him. She can even see orphans as competitors for her cubs.


males cannot recognize their offspring from a complete stranger. This is the reason for the difference in behavior. In fact, males have a natural tendency to protect puppies.

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