Saved by her adopted family, this dog offers them the most beautiful of surprises!

When she was only one year old Bella , a black Labrador female was rescued from an online sale to end up alongside her ideal family. After a month of love and care, the dog surprises her family as she seems to be suffering from an obesity problem.

Bella is a one year old Labrador female, when she was rescued the young dog was offered to whoever wanted her. It was thanks to the combined efforts of a person who saw the ad and an association that the dog was taken care of. Rescued, Bella was then examined before being offered for adoption and it turned out that despite her young age , she had already given birth to puppies .

The family who adopted Bella thus decided to sterilize her, so she received all the love and attention she needed.

As time passed, the family noticed that the dog was slightly overweight. A suitable diet was prescribed to her in order to keep her in good health. Despite everything, her new family was still very upset by Bella’s state of health. The visits multiply, Bella suffers from rashes.

Everything seemed fine until the day before the bitch’s sterilization appointment. The family noticed that despite the physical activity and the diet Bella was following, she was still gaining weight . The family therefore heads again to a veterinarian.

A big surprise!

The radiological examination requested by the family did not lie. The bitch was pregnant again! The whole family was aware that something was happening, but no one could imagine that the bitch had in her, a whole generation of Labarador puppies!

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A month after her adoption , Bella gave birth to twelve black puppies. With the help of the rescue team , the family were able to take care of the 12 puppies and Bella . The young people then found loving families who would provide them with all the love in the world.


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