An 88-year-old woman has a bad fall. His assistance dog calls out to a garbage collector to help him

An octogenarian who was in a very bad position was able to receive the help she so badly needed thanks to her dog and the garbage man that the latter warned.

A few days ago in the United States, a dog turned into a hero after going to seek help for his mistress, as reported by NBC Los Angeles .

Gwendola Johnson , 88, lives in Glendale , California with her dog Sandy . His house is at the top of a small hill and the storefront is therefore not visible from the lane where the daily garbage collection is done .

On leaving her house, the lady tripped over something and lost her balance . Her fall did not cause her any injury, but she could no longer get up . She needed help quickly, otherwise the situation could escalate, since she was alone . Well, not quite alone, since Sandy the Golden Retriever was by her side.

Seeing the neighborhood garbage collector , Kirk White , approaching the driveway, she looked Sandy in the eye and asked her to go get him . What the quadruped actually did.

Kirk White followed the Golden Retriever and thus discovered Gwendola Johnson on the ground, but conscious. He helped her up and called for help . She had nothing serious thanks to the rapid intervention of the young man and the alert given by his faithful four-legged companion.

In the KTLA 5 report below, CCTV footage can be seen showing the moment Sandy calls out to Kirk White :

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