This dog is a real guardian angel for orphan fawns

Whenever his mistress picks up a young deer in distress, Sarge takes him under his wing until he recovers enough to find the wild life. For this dog, it all started with Buckwheat.

Cheryl Stephen lives in Ohio, where she is constantly surrounded by animals. Those of her family, first of all, which includes several dogs , but also those she collects regularly because they are in difficulty, reports The Dodo . Buckwheat , an orphan fawn , is one of them.

She had found him alone and in bad shape in the middle of a road and immediately brought him home. As soon as the animal arrived home, one of its dogs, a 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge , felt invested with a mission: to protect it .

Thanks to the comfort brought by the dog, Buckwheat was more and more at ease . The fawn gradually took to walking and then running over the days, with Sarge accompanying it every step of the way. The canine was also careful not to let it stray from the house.

Buckwheat was all set to return to his living environment. His place was, in fact, in the heart of nature and not in captivity. Mission accomplished , therefore, for Sarge , who saw his protégé leave, certainly feeling a small pang in his heart.

The locals got wind of this story. Since then, whenever a distressed fawn is discovered, it has been brought back to Cheryl Stephen’s home to care for until they can be safely reintroduced to their natural habitat.

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And whenever one of these needy animals comes home, obviously the happiest one is Sarge , who takes care of him just like he did with Buckwheat . Alas, some of them are too weak and do not survive . The dog then becomes extremely sad and sometimes even loses his appetite . He does not regain all his zest for life until a new fawn is taken in.


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