Can we bathe the dog?

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, your dog has just arrived home. Do you want to make every effort to keep it clean? You may ask if bathing a dog is a good habit. Does this suit her when she was young? Does he really need it? If so, why? All these questions come to mind in every new owner. We will provide you with all the keys to start on the right basis.


why is it important to clean the dog without skin problems? What kind of shampoo do you choose? Precautions for successful washing how often do you wash puppies? What other skin and peeling care advice does my puppy have? Why is it important to bathe a puppy without skin problems?

Bathing will soon become a stressful time for your dog. Therefore, he must get used to it from a very young age so that he can have fun, but not before 12 weeks (3 months after birth, his mother takes care of his toilet). To do this, you can put it in the bathtub step by step, and then turn on the water. You can also put toys or candy in the bathtub so that you can connect the bathroom with a comfortable place. In addition, bathing can get your dog used to the treatment that quickly becomes important on health issues. Which shampoo does

choose? Your dog’s skin is different from ours. In order to respect it, it is important to use shampoo suitable for your dog. Shampoo or other products used by you or your child should not be used because their pH is different from your dog’s skin, which may damage the dog’s epidermal barrier. Therefore, it is recommended to use super soft canine sensitive skin shampoo. You can find high-quality products that respect your dog’s skin in the douxo S3 series. Douxo S3 product is based on ophytrium (pure natural extract from muguet, Japan), which not only unties animal hair, but also respects the three functions of epidermal barrier (machinery, immunity and microorganism). Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the precautions for successful washing of

. Unlike adult dogs, your puppy’s immune defense system is not fully functional. Therefore, it is important to be ready to bathe your puppy to avoid hypothermia. First, you must choose a comfortable place for you and him: a sink is the best for a puppy, and a bathtub or shower is the best for a puppy. To prevent your puppy from slipping, it is recommended to install it on a non slip surface. If you don’t, you can put a wet towel at the bottom of the bathtub.


must also ensure that the room to be cleaned has no airflow and is kept at room temperature. The water temperature should be approximately 38 ° C. Don’t wash for too long, or your dog will be angry. After bathing, you should consider drying your dog with a towel and hair dryer. Similarly, you must walk step by step, because the hair dryer may scare your dog.

how often do you wash your dog? The washing frequency of

varies according to the animal hair type. If your puppy has long hair, you can wash it once a month. If it has short hair, wash it every 2-3 months. It is important to maintain this frequency so as not to damage the sebum layer that protects your partner’s skin from attackAppearance.

do you have any skin and fur care suggestions for my puppy?

if your puppy has long or medium hair, brush it once a week or every day according to the nature of the hair. This will help remove knots, but it will also help remove dead skin. For the best bristle effect, there are brushes, combs, stirrups or gloves, usually metal pickups. Depending on what you want to do with it (simply unraveling or removing the undercoat), the length of these woodpeckers may be different. In order to get your dog used to dressing, you can first use a soft brush.

in order to respect your animal health, it is recommended to clean your ears with a suitable lotion (such as douxo S3 care ear lotion). You can also wash the dog’s eyes to remove impurities. Physiological serum or eye wash can clean dogs without damaging their eyes. “

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