A dog adopted during a road trip has been traveling the world with his owner for 5 years!

Tom Turcich has been traveling the roads of the world on foot for 5 years. He had embarked on this 45,000 km journey alone, but he had the good idea to choose, a few months after his departure, an excellent travel partner: a dog.

In April 2015, at the age of 26, Tom Turcich left New Jersey to begin his incredible adventure: a road trip on foot around the world . Mourning the death of his company a few years earlier, inspired by a similar project carried out by Steve Newman and Karl Bushby , the young man wanted to meet people from the different countries he crossed, but also to know himself better.

Today, at age 31, the American has traveled 29,000 km across North America, South America, Antarctica, Western Europe, North Africa and Central Europe, reports Outside . He is preparing to pass through Mongolia, then to go to Australia, before returning to the United States. He therefore still has 16,000 km to cover and hopes to do so in 2 years.

While he was initially alone, he had found company a handful of weeks after hitting the roads. He was then still in the United States and in Austin , Texas. It was there that he met Savannah , a 3 month old dog , who lived in a shelter . He fell in love with the puppy straight away and decided to adopt him . She hasn’t left him since.

Too young to walk, she first accompanied her master by being comfortably installed in a cart . When the duo arrived in Mexico, Savannah was big enough to travel on their own . Both have since covered around 30 km per day.

Her presence is most precious, since she helps Tom Turcich in particular not to falter during the most difficult crossings or during times when morale is not at the top. Like when the young man was about to let go in the Andes, and he finally found the strength to continue walking thanks to the dog .

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The progress of Tom Turcich and Savannah is followed on Instagram by more than 71 thousand followers.


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