Condemned, this puppy receives all the love he should have received in his life twice!

In Washington State, hope is in order. That of seeing Logan, a one-year-old dog, survive despite a serious heart defect. When he was saved, he was not predicted to live that long, or much longer. But a first surgery allowed him to save a little time, and to postpone the fateful deadline that no one hopes to see happen.

How long does Logan have left to live? No one knows. Now one year old, the puppy-turned-dog must fight . In six months a second surgery is scheduled . Perhaps saving . Contrary to the first even if it made it possible, perhaps, to delay the deadline . To delay the announced death of this German Shepherd.

Because Logan is a dog who, since his birth , sees his life being on a thread. During his rescue by a team from a Washington shelter, his rescuers quickly realize that Logan is in cardiac distress . Further examinations , carried out by veterinarians on the recommendation of another shelter, confirm the diagnosis. Logan suffers from a serious heart defect .

Not 100, but over 200 hugs

His sons and daughters then did not skimp on the means to allow Logan to travel, to meet people. There have been many experiences for the puppy for a year now. Above all, he had to fulfill a mission launched several months ago: to receive a hundred hugs . A “ Hugs for Logan ” event has been created. The success exceeded everyone’s expectations. More than 200 proofs of love have been given to the animal. People came from all over to support it , stroke it and have their pictures taken with it.

The joy of living was palpable . Everyone wanted to make the most of the moment T, without worrying about the next day which could be more dramatic. Everyone wanted to hope that a doctor would announce, one fine day, that he could save their life . That’s what almost happened, it’s true.

Another anomaly discovered

Colorado vet Doctor Brian Scansen convinced himself he could help Logan live . Better, that he could save his life . The shelter Logan had been taken to during his rescue organized itself to raise funds , to allow this trip and, above all, the operation. Unfortunately, this did not give the expected result.

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During the procedure , which took place on January 31 and lasted more than 4 hours , Brian Scansenwas unable to place the catheter to repair the defective valve . He found another anomaly in Logan’s heart , ”the shelter announces on its Facebook page. Still, this operation saved time. And hope for another surgery , this time open heart, in 6 months. All that’s left for Logan to do is hold on.


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