15 strong and moving photos of senior dogs made by a Canadian artist

A photographer specializes in portraits of very old dogs. These photos show how he pays them a nice tribute.

Pete Thorne is a photographer whose reputation continues to grow around the world. Thanks to his project he is developing in Toronto , “Old Faithful”, which consists of creating portraits of elderly dogs, the photographer shows great respect for them. With more than fifty senior dogs photographed, there are many requests from canine owners who would like to make portraits worthy of their old friends.

You can find her work on her website.

Here are 15 photos of senior dogs taken by Pete Thorne .

1. Only 10 years old, Weezee is already starting to feel the effects of old age

2. Emmy is a 14 year old bitch who is really sleepy

3. Maximus is this brave dog, about fifteen years old and who continues to be in good shape.

4. This dog is an English Bulldog named Mance and is 13 years old. This is the first dog for which the photographer has come out of his studio to take a picture of him. This dog particularly affects him because he has bone cancer. The disease is at the origin of a facial asymmetry which gives it character

5. This is Jackson, a good old 14 year old dog.

6. Toto is this beautiful dog who is still very fit at 16 years old.

7. Hazel is a dog who had to remove both eyes because they did not produce tears which was very painful. She also wears 5 identification chips because she has continued to be sold in puppy mills. She ended up being adopted

8. Bodley is almost 12 years old and has run out of energy due to osteoarthritis. However, he has not lost any of his enthusiasm for walks and good food.

9. This is Fink, a 14 year old Chinese Crested Dog.

10. Finnegan’s race has not been determined. It would be a Griffon Bruxellois or a Petit Brabançon of 12 and a half years old. He no longer has all his teeth, but he still has all his zest for life

11. A dog called the Colonel who is 10 years old

12. A 12 year old Chihuahua dog who has lost one eye

13. Clovis was 14 when this portrait was taken. He died shortly after

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14. A very old and overwhelming dog who deserved such a respectful portrait

15. This 14 year old Pitbull is the first model to pose for the Old Faithful project. His name is Elmo


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