A shelter manager has her car stolen with 2 dogs inside. The thief abandons them on the road!

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Last weekend, the manager of a Colorado shelter was very scared for the 2 dogs she had left in her car. The vehicle was stolen, with the canines on board. The animals were found a few hours later.

2 dogs that disappeared during the theft of the car they were in, were recovered after their abandonment on the road, as reported by Fox 21 .

The facts took place last Saturday (March 6). That afternoon, Lauren Fox , director of All Breed Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs , had parked her vehicle in the association’s parking lot, with dogs Ari and Diamond inside.

She was to enter the organization’s premises briefly and had left the 5-year-old female Rhodhesian-Ridgeback and the 11-year-old Tibetan Terrier male in the vehicle. The latter’s engine was running, as was the air conditioning.

On his return, the gray 4×4 was no longer there, and neither were the canines. The images recorded by the video surveillance system made it possible to understand what had happened. A man got into the vehicle and grabbed it. The video was tweeted by Fox 21 reporter Carly Moore .

COMING UP: The Executive Director of All Breed Rescue & Training shares her mistake hoping to prevent others from falling victim too. Her dogs were stolen during a carjacking, after he car was left running with them inside. Find out what happened on @ FOX21News at 10 pm pic.twitter.com/rKk1d3RdTc

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The 2 dogs found and rescued, just like the car

About twenty minutes later, the dogs were abandoned on the road. Diamond was still in her transport cage, while the dog Ari roamed freely. The first was spotted by a passerby, who called the local animal control service. This one took care of it until the arrival of Lauren Fox .

As for Ari , the Rhodesian-Ridgeback, the director of the refuge could not find her until the next morning. Her paws were bleeding and had to be taken to the vet. However, she should fully recover.

The vehicle was also recovered, according to the All Breed Rescue and Training Facebook post .

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Lauren Fox said she was keen to share her mishap so the public wouldn’t make the mistake she made. Namely, leaving dogs alone in a car.

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