Heroic dog receives medal for saving life of critically ill owner

A Pitbull saved the life of his master, victim of a seizure, by alerting the neighbors. A heroic act for which the dog received an award. The state of health of its owner is stable.

A small ceremony was organized in honor of Astro , a Pitbull thanks to which his master survived a crisis, People reported on Monday, April 19.

A year earlier, Bertha Martinez was apprehensive about adopting Astro , a stray dog, because of her breed. Little did she know that he was going to save the life of a loved one, her son in this case.

On April 14, the person in question was home alone, with the Pitbull. The young man was then seized with a sudden and violent malaise, but could not call for help. This is where Astro came in. Understanding that his master was in danger, he alerted a neighbor, who then contacted the emergency services.

An ambulance quickly arrived on the scene and picked up the victim just in time to save him.

A medal and a cake for Astro the hero

Organized two days after the rescue by the Rescue Department and the Animal Control Service of El Paso , he saw the heroic quadruped receive several awards; a medal and a dog cake in particular.

Enrique Duenas-Aguilar also recounted that the Pitbull tried to climb into the ambulance to stay with his master.

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He is out of danger and is recovering from his crisis, assure his relatives.

(Photo: KFOX14 / CBS4)


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