Abandoned, his body covered in glue, this puppy abused by children finds a loving home!

From Turkey to Spain, the fate of Pascal the dog changed the day he was taken in by a Istanbul association, when he needed to be rescued urgently. The animal was completely covered in glue and could hardly move.

In 2017, a 4-month-old puppy was taken to a public shelter in Istanbul , Turkey after being found in a sorry state. The body of the canine was, in fact, completely covered with industrial glue, as reported by The Epoch Times . It was not known in what circumstances the quadruped had become stuck in the substance (it would be an act perpetrated by children), but it was necessary to act quickly to save it .

The dry glue prevented him from moving and caused him terrible pain . The He’Art of Rescue International team , a local association , then took over. Rima Nur , the founder of the organization, and her staff took care of the young dog in their shelter.

The volunteers, who called him Pascal , had no choice but to shave him to rid him of the glue that was causing him so much harm. After that, the animal seemed relieved . The veterinary examinations carried out thereafter revealed that he was positive for canine parvovirus , the virus responsible for a disease – parvovirus – serious, even fatal if left untreated.

Pascal’s state of health improved as his skin healed and his hair began to grow back . He was placed in a temporary home but needed a foster family . This is what Rima Nur explained to Spanish host Dani Rovira , who invited the dog on a show after learning about his story.

Thanks to his appearance on television , many people in Spain have contacted the association with a view to adopting him. In the end, the dog joined his new family in Valencia , with whom he has been spending happy days ever since.

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