Frightening noises for the dog and cat in summer what solution to find it easily in case of runaway?

Illustration : "Bruits effrayants pour le chien et le chat en été : quelle solution pour le retrouver facilement en cas de fugue ?" Illustration photo

More than one master had to live the terrible ordeal of running away from his dog or cat, especially because the latter was frightened by a loud and sudden noise. What can be done, in this case, to find him and bring him home safely?”

Some dogs and cats are more sensitive to noise than others. Surprised by loud and sudden sounds, they can flee under the effect of panic. Then begins the anguish for their owners, as well as a race against time to find them as soon as possible. These situations multiply during the summer, the season of great noises and all the dangers for our 4-legged friends. The GPS collar is the best way to quickly locate your pet if it were to escape.”

” Summer: its noises, its fugues of dogs and cats

In France, a dog is declared lost every 20 minutes, and a cat every 10 minutes. Among them, some are, alas, never found. Our pets can run away for a variety of reasons, including after getting scared when they hear a loud noise.”

Summer brings its share of sound inconveniences for our canids and felines. Fireworks and summer thunderstorms are among the events that can traumatize them and cause them to run away.”

When this happens, it is essential to react as quickly as possible. The more time passes, the lower the chances of locating them. Meanwhile, fleeing dogs and cats expose themselves to all kinds of risks; road accident, confrontation with other animals, theft, fall, injury… The danger is all the greater when the animal is vulnerable or sick: puppy or kitten, senior dog or cat, under treatment …

The COLLAR OR GPS tracker greatly facilitates searches in case of runaway. It is thus a guarantee of security for the dog or cat and tranquility for his family.”

” The usefulness of the GPS collar

The identification chip is obviously mandatory and indispensable. It makes it possible to know and contact the owner of the animal if it were to be lost. It is still necessary to find it to be able to access the information contained in the device.”

The GPS collar makes it possible to locate it accurately, in order to recover it as quickly as possible and put it back in safety at home.”

This is a box using the Global Positioning System and coupled with a mobile application to install on your smartphone. Thanks to the interface associated with the latter, the user can visualize on a map the location of the wearer of the collar, his pet in this case.”

” Why opt for the Tractive GPS collar?

The interest of a GPS tracker for dogs and cats also lies in the fact that it can offer a variety of features that facilitate the search for the animal, but also its daily monitoring, not necessarily in case of running away.”

This is precisely what Tractive offers, an Austrian brand founded in 2012 by animal enthusiasts whose goal is to ensure their safety.”

” The Tractive GPS collar allows you to follow your dog or cat in real time, directly on your smartphone, as much to prevent runaways as to react effectively if they should occur. It has a Live Tracking mode, with a location updated every 2 to 3 seconds. The system also allows you to define a virtual fence, issuing an alert if the dog or cat crosses this perimeter. The Tractive GPS tracker also includes activity tracking of the animal, reporting on the phases where it is active, those where it is at rest, calories burned, its positioning in relation to activity goals, etc. No oublI location history, which provides valuable information on the habits and movements of the dog or cat.

Useful and safe, the Tractive GPS collar is also practical, robust and reliable: 100% waterproof and shock resistant, battery life up to 5 days, unlimited range… All without compromising on the comfort and well-being of the animal, since it is light and perfectly adapted to its morphology.”

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What to enjoy a real peace of mind about the safety of his companion, especially during the summer season and even in case of panic following the noises.”

The Tractive GPS tracker for dogs and cats is offered at a price of € 49.99. 2 subscription plans are available: Basic from €4.17/month and Premium from €3.75/month.”

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