Our dog Oria has tested for you the Nutro kibble. What does she think?

Illustration : "Notre chienne Oria a testé pour vous les croquettes Nutro. Qu’en pense-t-elle ?" © Woopets

In search of novelty for Oria, we had him test the Nutro Grain Free kibbles. Our female Australian Shepherd, who has been accompanying the life of the Woopets team for 2 and a half years now, has combed through these kibbles. Verdict…

It is not always easy to choose the right kibble for your dog, as the offer is vast and the selection criteria numerous. For our dog Oria, we were looking for a product that could bring this little extra to her health and well-being, at all levels: vivacity, energy, appearance of the skin and hair, quality of stool, immune system, but also pleasure to eat.”

After an overview of the kibble market and taking into account the specificities of Oria, we were naturally attracted by the Nutro kibble brand with its promises of natural recipes and in line with the real needs of the dog. After contacting the brand, we agreed to develop a test. Oria took part in the test with Nutro Grain Free kibble.”

” Nutro, a pioneering company in dog food

Founded in the interwar period, Nutro belonged to John, Herman and Albert Saleen, a trio of fox breeders who sought to offer these wild canids the best possible diet, meeting their natural needs. The company has evolved its business to specialize in dog and cat food, but not just any.”

Nutro was one of the first petfood brands to bet not only on the quality and naturalness of its ingredients, but also on transparency, clearly mentioning the composition of its kibbles and the origin of their constituents. A convincing argument that gave us confidence to have these kibbles tested in Oria.”

Ingredients carefully chosen for their nutritional value, the absence of GMOs in the recipes, which are intended to be healthy, complete and at the service of the vitality and well-being of the animal…

If Nutro gives such care to the choice of ingredients and the development of its recipes, it is also to provide dogs and cats with all the energy they need to be happy and fulfilled.”

” Why did Oria test Nutro Grain Free kibble?

By learning about the history and values of the brand, we rubbed our hands at the idea of discovering its products and making our dog Oria enjoy them. The idea was above all to submit these kibbles to the judgment of the specialist that she is.”

Those who are lucky enough to know Oria, a female Australian Shepherd of 2 years and 23 kilograms, know that she is particularly demanding, especially when it comes to food. When she likes something, she doesn’t pretend.”

We always want the best for our, especially when it comes to the contents of her bowl. We were also looking for something different to offer him.”

Our quest for Oria was a recipe totally in line with her nature as a dog. In other words, a food without cereals, without artificial additives or GMOs, but rich in really useful nutrients.”

Taking into account all these criteria, we chose to make him try the kibbles of Nutro’s Grain Free range, which seem to meet them.”

The verdict of Oria

Dogs rely totally on their flair, then on their taste to judge the interest of a food. When presented with the kibble from Nutro’s Grain Free range, Oria was not asked to dip the muzzle into her bowl. The introduction did not disappoint. The palatability of these croquettes has been validated by our gourmet Australian Shepherd.”

It must be said that, on paper already, Nutro Grain Free kibbles had serious assets to showcase. Formulated without cereals and specifically to promote digestion, they display a composition of very good quality: fresh chicken, beet pulp, peas, tapioca, sunflower oil, chicory and rosemary extracts… In addition, the size and texture of the kibble is suitable for Oria’s jaw, not to mention that the range is aimed at all sensitive dogs and cats, who may have digestive problems.”

High quality proteins are at the rendezvous through the main ingredient of these kibbles; fresh chicken, therefore. It is also mixed with dried chicken protein for optimal intake. Enough to guarantee energy, vitality and maintenance of the health of the skin and hair, for our Aussie who loves chicken.”

Not to mention the richness of these kibbles in omega-6 essential fatty acids, provided in particular by sunflower oil, minerals (15% more zinc than the minimum required, calcium, phosphorus …) and vitamins.”

The benefits on Oria, we could see after a week of Nutro meals – having taken care to make her observe a transition period with her old diet. Our dog seemed more lively, more energetic, her hair has gained vitality and her stool looks better. Signs that do not deceive…

In summary, Oria has totally adopted Nutro kibble and these have done her a lot of good.”

” Ranges of kibble for all dogs

In addition to the Grain Free range that we have just presented to you through the Oria test, Nutro offers 2 others to meet the needs of all dogs, regardless of their profile.”

Wild Frontier is intended for active canids and felines, which demand even more quality protein. His recipes are based on either turkey and chicken or deer and beef. This range has been designed to offer dogs and cats a food as close as possible to their ancestral diet, with high protein contents (up to 42%) to give them all the energy they need.”

The Limited Ingredients range is aimed at dogs prone to food allergies or intolerances. These are hypoallergenic recipes that have only one source of animal protein: lamb or salmon, to choose from.”

To return to the Grain Free kibbles offered to dogs and cats, they are based on lamb or fresh chicken and come in different versions: puppy / adult dog, small size / large breed, lightened, but also neutered cat, adult cat …

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All these ranges are to be discovered in more detail on the website of the Nutro brand. Nutro products are available on online pet stores and specialized physical stores. Go here to find the nearest dealer.”

On our side, we felt that Oria clearly enjoys eating her Nutro Grain Free kibbles and these have brought her a lot on her overall state of shape, well-being, appearance of the coat and ease of digestion. Based on the favorable opinion of our dog and the observation of the benefits she derives from it, Nutro Grain Free kibbles are worth at least a try for all owners looking for a diet refocused on naturalness for their dog.”

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