Devastated after the theft of her puppy, she shares the CCTV footage of the kidnapper on social networks

Reanna Estrada / Facebook

Piglet’s owner is desperate. Her puppy, whom she considers her child, disappeared while at home. An individual broke into his home and left with the little dog. The thief’s face appears clearly in the CCTV footage.” A resident of Kansas City, Missouri, has launched a call for witnesses to find her puppy Pitbull stolen from her home, as reported by Fox 4 yesterday.

The day before, Reanna Estrada posted a call for witnesses on her Facebook account. The post includes a photo of his pet, as well as 2 screenshots of CCTV footage where the suspect’s face can be seen quite clearly.”

Responding to the name of Piglet, the young dog is 13 weeks old. He is my world. I know I’ve only had him for a short time, but he’s all I have,” his mistress says about him.”

” Piglet had helped her mourn her other dog, victim of a road accident

The individual also stole Reanna Estrada’s purse, containing a number of important documents for her and her husband. But what affects him the most is the disappearance of his dog. I do not care about the rest. I don’t care about the purse. I don’t even necessarily want anyone to go to jail,” she continues.

Piglet’s owner had adopted him shortly after the death of her other dog. The latter had lost his life after being hit by a car in front of the house. Young Pitbull was born around the same time. Reanna Estrada saw this as a sign.”

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She and her 4-legged friend were inseparable. Her abduction grieves her deeply and she hopes that her Facebook post will allow her to find him.”

Reanna Estrada reported the incident to the local police, but there is no new information at this time.”

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