A small dog falls 7 meters into a crevasse. Scared, its owner calls for help

A man will never forget the sight of his dog, Harley, sinking into the abyss. The animal got stuck 7 meters deep in a crevasse in Nanaimo, a municipality in British Columbia.

Dale Rahim was leisurely walking his little 4-legged companion on a leash on the popular Extension Ridge Trail on Tuesday, July 20, when the tragedy happened.

The leash slipped out of his hands, allowing the animal to venture a little too far. Harley accidentally dove into the half-meter-wide crevasse, much to her owner’s dismay. The barks emitted by the dog reassured Dale Rahim somewhat: his friend was alive, despite the terrible fall he suffered.

The man immediately contacted local authorities, reports Nanaimo News Bulletin . But he ended up fearing the worst while waiting for help to arrive … The mouth of the earth began to spread an agonizing silence.

© Chris Bush / Nanaimo News Bulletin

A professional came down to retrieve the dog

Harley had been trapped for 45 minutes when the fire department arrived.

A member of the team came down and quickly spotted him. The captive, however, was afraid to approach his savior.

A pole with an adjustable buckle was deployed in the hope of catching the canine’s collar.

© Chris Bush / Nanaimo News Bulletin

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Successful operation ! Harley was pulled up with a rope and brought safely back to dry land. Although he was physically unharmed, he was terrified of this terrible ordeal. His master, relieved to be able to hug him again, said he wanted to have him examined by a veterinarian, as a precaution.

This is far from the first rescue carried out in this crevasse. Since the start of the year, local authorities have rescued more than 3 dogs. They keep recommending that owners keep their pets on a leash. An accident happens so quickly …


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