15 dogs with charming smiles that will brighten up your day

Dogs have devastating smiles and contagious good humor. This series of photos will only confirm it.

Canine owners make it their mission to make their dog the happiest of all. Seeing them smile is therefore their ultimate reward. Plus, it’s technically impossible to resist dogs’ zest for life.

Here are 15 photos of dogs who are smiling with all their teeth.

1. This dog with a flamboyant coat enjoys the rays of the sun

2. A Labrador puppy who intends to enjoy life to the fullest

3. Frolic in the green grass is a sign of boundless energy

4. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkle with happiness

5. This puppy wakes up his owners early to enjoy the day

6. As soon as he is told to smile for the camera, he strikes his most beautiful pose

7. When he has a stroke of blues, his mistress compliments him and his face lights up.

8. Even in adulthood, he continues to worship when allowed to climb on the parents’ bed.

9. He is happy to see the birds and cats that live in the garden.

10. The joys of summer for this Golden Retriever puppy who loves to dive into the water

11. This dog smiles so hard that his eyes are narrowed.

12. These adorable dogs are resplendent with happiness

13. A dog with an adventurous spirit happy with his outing in the mountains

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14. This puppy is happy, there is no doubt about it

15. A dazzling black and a smile that is just as much


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