AminAvast a dietary supplement launched by Arcanatura – Patented amino acid formula – Fragile senior animal of the kidneys

Illustration : "AminAvast : un complément alimentaire lancé par Arcanatura - Formule brevetée d'acides aminés - Animal senior fragile des reins" © Lola Ledoux

Senior dogs and cats need a little more attention and care. Their bodies become more fragile with age. With AminAvast, the ArcaNatura laboratory offers a food supplement specifically developed to help the animal age well.”

Our pets are subjected to various types of stress and external aggression throughout their lives: pollution, viruses, accidents… They are not protected in the same way depending on the stage of life where they are located. Older dogs and cats are much more vulnerable.”

Their organism becomes fragile as time passes. Kidney function is one of the most impacted by age. The kidneys tend to become more fibrous and therefore can no longer perform their natural role as a filter and reabsorption as effectively.”

© Lola Ledoux

Blood analysis can confirm this situation, through indicators such as increased urea concentration and decreased amino acid levels.”

More exposed to diseases and suffering from disorders such as kidney failure, the animal needs a number of readjustments, especially in its diet. He asks for contributions adapted to his condition so that he can remain healthy and fit during his old age. It is for this purpose that ArcaNatura, a veterinary health laboratory, has developed AminAvast.”

© Lola Ledoux

A food supplement formulated to preserve the health and well-being of the senior animal

AminAvast is a complementary food offered in the form of capsules, which contain a mixture of 2 valuable constituents for dogs and elderly cats:

Amino acids of very high quality to curb the action of the protein because of which the kidneys become fibrous Carnosine, a peptide very present in muscle and brain tissues

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Thanks to its practical format, AminAvast is simple to dose and incorporate into the animal’s meals. AminAvast for dogs and cats is now available to order on the official Arcanatura store.”

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