Five reasons why dogs lick their owners

Illustration : "5 raisons qui expliquent pourquoi les chiens lèchent leur maître"

many dog owners just want to go home and enjoy the warm welcome of the dog after a long day’s work. A sense of happiness and satisfaction filled us, watching their reaction and the great joy of seeing us. If you think our dogs lick us just to show their love, it’s a mistake. Our dogs instinctively start licking us for many reasons, but why?


1. Show their love 2. Communication 3. Attract attention 4. Stress relief gestures 5. Develop their

feeling dogs express their feelings in different ways, but all breeds of dogs have one thing in common, that is, they constantly lick their owners.

this is their way to show you how happy they are for you to go home. They jump on you and lick your face. However, they can also do this to communicate with you, copy their childhood as a habit, and even face pressure.

find out five possible meanings of why dogs lick their owners:

1. Show their love

for many dog owners, the most obvious reason is still showing love. A master never enjoyed the pleasure of going home after leaving for a long time. His dog received the warmest welcome. There were several lemurs in all skin areas on his face, hands and tongue. On the other hand, make sure this behavior is not systematic, because it may cause problems for your family or anyone your dog may encounter (especially in terms of hygiene). Communication

communication can be physical, such as when a dog wags its tail or barks. He wanted to tell us something with these gestures. The same is true when he licks; Your dog may want to tell you that he needs to eat. In fact, the dog is used to licking his mother and telling her that he is hungry and wants food. Therefore, he imitated him in adulthood and thought that you would understand him as his biological mother.

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dogs not only want to love, but also want to be loved. They like to get your attention and will give everything for it. Lick you, jump you… These are all trying to attract your attention. Your role and responsibility in this licking should not be underestimated. You will encourage this by your reaction to licking. If you react systematically (whether touching or scolding) every time you lick your dog, your dog will get what it wants: your response. It’s just what he wants. You satisfy him. For dogs, licking is a gesture to relieve pressure.

for dogs, licking is also a sign of trying to relieve pressure. The dog did it in memory of his childhood. When he was a puppy, his mother usually licked him and his brothers and sisters to ease conflicts or reassure him in case of anxiety events. So your dog may lick youWhen you scold him (as a comfort) or he finds himself in an argument between you and a close person. In fact, this is a soothing ceremony, and he can also copy it with an aggressive peer to ease the conflict.

5. Develop their feelings

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dogs are essentially hunters. They are endowed with the extraordinary ability to explore the scene and discover objects. Their language is also used as a survey tool. So it can lick you just because it appreciates the taste of your skin. Sweat can satisfy her taste buds, just like moisturizer or water that still smells in the shower. Many dog owners were surprised to see their pets lick their legs in a hurry after taking a bath. The secret was finally revealed.


well know: on the other hand, pay attention to intensive licking, which is a behavioral disorder of dogs and needs to be dealt with quickly, He may show anxiety, extreme boredom and even neurological diseases. This obsessive-compulsive disorder may be developed by dogs, who use licking as a profession, or in response to its continuous stress. Only the continuous frequency of dog licking can remind you.

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