A dog orders a strange object on Ebay by sitting on his mistress’s unlocked phone!

Faye Chandler

The owner of a clumsy dog was surprised to find that the object she had ordered online had nothing to do with the one she had chosen. It was his 4-legged companion who involuntarily made the purchase for him.”

Max is a very curious boy and can sometimes be dizzy, tells his mistress Faye Chandler to The Dodo. The young Cockapoo – English Cocker Spaniel / Poodle cross – demonstrated this once again by replacing his order made online with another.”

Its owner had spotted a product on eBay and was about to validate its purchase, when she had to briefly leave her living room. When she came out of the room, she left her phone unlocked on the couch.”

Delighted to see his place finally free, Max decided to jump on it to settle down comfortably. As he prepared to lie there, he accidentally pressed the smartphone.”

Shortly after, Faye Chandler received a message informing her that her order had been sent. However, it had not yet confirmed this. She immediately understood; it was his dog who had involuntarily launched the purchase, but it was not at all what his mistress had ordered. Max had chosen a completely different product, a framed copy of an 18th century letter in this case.”

The letter in question had been written in 1745 by Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. The author, a pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland, asked for support in his action to bring the Stuart dynasty back to power. We were then at the beginning of the Jacobite uprising.”

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Faye Chandler tried to cancel the order by calling the seller, but it was too late. The package was delivered and the young woman decided to keep it. She fixed it to Max’s cage; thus, the latter can admire his purchase as he pleases.”

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