My dog is sticky: what should I do?

Illustration : "Mon chien est collant : que faire ?"

is a sticky dog. It will not only bring problems to itself, but also imply the discomfort of the dog. So it’s important to solve this problem for two reasons.

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why is my dog sticky? Lack of detachment anxiety related to separation fear of abandonment boring bad environment my dog is a sticky dog: what should I do? Learning positive and progressive habitual loneliness management “in the basket” and contacting

a dog follows us everywhere, which is worth it; This proves his attachment and “love” to us… Yes, but sometimes a person’s quality will soon become his worst weakness. It’s good to follow the owner’s dog, but it’s difficult to deal with the dog that always follows the owner. This is usually a symptom of a more serious problem.

why is my dog sticky?

when a puppy shows stickiness, it is a good sign because it proves that attachment to the family is good. It believes that the owner is a reference (or its croquet supplier…).

on the contrary, when an adult dog shows stickiness, This is because it hides something. It is not a very calm state of mind. Let’s look at the different reasons for this behavior:

lacks the detachment of

, which is very normal and even necessary. However, soon, you must also know how to establish some kind of detachment so that you don’t have to deal with behavioral problems like those mentioned here.

emotional attachment is very important, but so is detachment. So, I don’t want you to ignore your dog and pretend it’s not there, but give it a chance to develop calmly and independently without your continued existence. If we divide behavioral disorders into severity and risk, I would like to say that separation related anxiety is part of the top three for owners and dogs. This disorder is related to the previous point; This is because the lack of detachment between the owner and his dog has caused many problems. This includes destruction, crying, screaming, uncleanness, adolescent attitudes (requiring constant attention, gambling, etc.) and alternative activities (excessive licking).

is afraid of being abandoned

This usually involves a shelter dog that has been abandoned one or more times, so it can no longer be alone. Therefore, they take every opportunity to be surrounded and close by a member of the social group.


, not to mention the refuge dog. Some people feel very anxious about loneliness because they are just not used to actively and gradually experiencing the absence of their owner.


dogs may also become sticky due to lack of expenditure. Boredom will prompt him to express his pain in different ways, and showing stickiness may be one of them. Usually, when a dog is bored, it will be accompanied by other problems, such as running away, destruction, excessive barking, etc.


finally, it is likely that you unconsciously strengthen the dog’s behavior. In fact, when a dog follows us around, you will think it is cute at first, so inadvertently, you will let it do so, even touch it, talk to it, and give it general attention.

all these attention or “passing” are to verify and strengthen yourYour dog. So, whether you like it or not, you have established a condition, which will certainly become a problem in the long run.

therefore, if you don’t like this behavior at first, or if you want to plan ahead and try your best to avoid this situation, here are my most valuable suggestions: “

‘s learning from ‘to’ basket ‘. This kind of learning’

‘ is essential and one of the essential educational foundations for me. On the one hand, teaching your dog to go to the basket is a way to restore calm, but the most important thing is detachment.


, but to do this, the basket should first be comfortable and placed in a corner of the room rather than a separate room, It represents a safe place for your dog, like a cocoon, where it knows it won’t be disturbed.

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, especially in any case, the basket should not be a punishment area, so your dog will never regard the instruction of “in the basket” as punishment. It must be fun to go to his basket. Here is how to do this:

step 1: bring yourself the food your dog likes, or give yourself another form of reward if your dog is not greedy: such as his favorite toy. Step 2: accompany your dog to the basket, tap it and say “in the basket”. Take the same attitude towards your dog as you do. Be very enthusiastic. Step 3: when he puts his four legs in the basket, give him a candy and reward him with sound and caress (if he likes). Step 4: strengthen these early steps. When these steps are completed, let your dog enter his basket without company. Increase the difficulty: let him enter the basket 1 meter away from the basket, then two, then three, Step 5: once you have completed the previous step, you can also let your dog enter his basket while you are in another room. Step 6: in addition to increasing the distance between you and the basket to increase the difficulty, you can also increase the time difficulty: your dog must stay in the basket for a few seconds and then a few minutes. The key is to let your dog know that you decide when he gets in the basket and when he comes out (of course, as part of learning).

simply put, as you have guessed, learning must be gradual and always positive. If you encounter difficulties, go back to the previous step and strengthen it by trying many times and rewarding the right behavior. If your dog doesn’t listen, don’t scold it, but find out why it doesn’t listen: the environment may be too exciting? Hasn’t he gone all day? Do you disagree? Are you in a hurry?

positive and gradual habituation of loneliness

of course, in order to prevent the dog from becoming too sticky, you must teach it to remain lonely from an early age. He must understand that even if you are at home, he can stay alone without bringing pressure and danger to you.

to do this, lonely learning must be gradual. For example, don’t let your dog stay alone all day… This is a bit troublesome, because, of course, your dog will do some stupid things, and the first experience of loneliness will be very bad.

so in order to make his dog (or dog) actively get used to loneliness,Here are some tips:


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prohibits playing at home: therefore, even if you are present, your dog can’t follow you anytime and anywhere, and doesn’t pay attention to departure and arrival: it’s best to ignore his dog when you leave, Then when he calms down and says hello on his way home, From a few minutes, when you leave, pretend that you are just looking for your email, let busy toys repeat their absences regularly during absenteeism, gradually increase the time, walk the dog before and after each individual time period, and reduce the space during absenteeism Finally, in order to prevent dog stickiness, a very important point is contact management. As mentioned earlier, it is often the owner who unconsciously strengthens the dog’s bad behavior.

therefore, the dog does not understand why it should not follow the owner at will, because the owner constantly makes him understand through his attitude, This is a good behavior.

therefore, to manage contacts, you need

Always take the initiative to start and end the interaction with the dog. Don’t accept the dog’s attention request. When the dog requests, ignore it, wait for it to move on, provide interaction to it, don’t let it welcome guests, and don’t touch it when it comes in Jump, even to “say hello”, don’t look at him, don’t touch him, don’t talk to him when he asks for attention, and don’t let him follow his master everywhere, especially through the instructions of “in the basket”

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