Postman decides to stop tour to help dog with hypothermia

Hungry and overwhelmed by the cold, an elderly dog lay unconscious by the side of the road. A factor intervenes.

Nate Ohlman was doing his tour on the morning of February 25. The young postman was in his truck when he saw a dog passed out on the side of the road. It was a senior dog who was obviously severely weakened by the cold .

The sight of this poor beast left on its own and struggling to stay alive broke her heart. He therefore stops, cuts the engine and walks carefully towards the animal, as reported by the Dodo .

Without wanting to frighten him, Ohlman sought to be seen or heard from the dog. But he realizes that the animal is too weak . When the dog finally sees him, he understands that he is there to save him .

The dog follows the man to his truck. Ohlman tried to warm him up. Starving, the dog also had cold injuries.

Ohlman does not resume his tour immediately. He takes the dog to a veterinarian and asked to be kept informed of the dog’s progress. So he left his number and went back to work, still concerned about the tragic fate of this helpless animal.

The clinic transferred the dog, named Sloan , to the KC Pet Project shelter . All the staff were as sorry for the dog’s condition as was Ohlman . Miraculously and despite his supposed age – 12 – Sloan was coming back to life.

It is then that the postman learns that he is able to adopt it . It was the only thing the man with the big heart was waiting for.

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Sloan was able to settle in his new home with his new friend. The latter was able to notice the dog’s manners that he was not a stray. He was therefore abandoned , which he considers inhuman.


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