20 photos of a Corgi puppy that will put you in a good mood

It’s time to meet Baby, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke who will melt everyone’s hearts. As these photos prove.

Baby is a 5 month old Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog who already has thousands of followers. Her owner adopted her after knowing Cooper , the first Corgi May Theint Nwe welcomed. On Instagram as much as on Facebook , Baby is wreaking havoc with his adorable face.

Here are 20 photos of Baby , the irresistible Corgi puppy.

1. Baby lying on his owner’s bed

2. Proud to have learned to walk up and down the stairs on my own

3. Always happy to pose for a photo

4. Soon she will learn to swim in the pool

5. Baby’s food-shaped toys

6. Like a little lion king

7. If she wants to participate in the conversation, little Baby has to get down on the table.

8. Baby spending a pleasant summer afternoon in his garden

9. A short break on the bench during the daily walk

10. Baby getting to know the smells of plants

11. She wants a little ice cream to cool off

12. Here is Baby grateful for the delicious ice cream

13. Sitting on the hood of the car waiting for everyone to climb up and hit the road

14. His owner takes him for bike rides

15. Quietly asleep on her bed

16. Being surrounded by plants does her a lot of good

17. Chew on a rod while waiting for its owners to buy it a good stick to maintain its teeth

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18. Games are most important to Baby

19. Certain plants can be harmful to dogs

20. Baby, she has nothing to fear in her garden


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