Protect his dog from heat

Illustration : "Protéger son chien de la chaleur"

heat wave is a dangerous phenomenon for human beings, as well as for our friends and animals. Our naked animals are dying of heat. So, how do we protect them? Are there any preventive measures? How to identify dogs suffering from heatstroke


identify the correct posture of heatstroke

when you are the owner of a happy dog, you must ask countless questions in order to avoid severe heatstroke.

“Kdspe “Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about proper hydration. Dogs need to drink cool water regularly. In hot weather, this statement is twice correct. Consider changing the water regularly, but do not freeze the water. Too cold water will not provide enough water for your pet. ventilation. Heat is suffocating to people and animals. Dogs feel better in a cool and ventilated room. If air conditioning is still a good way to refresh the room, you can also turn off the flywheel and play with the fan. Dogs like water. It’s good for her to do a little heart with a sprayer or shower (not too cold). Don’t walk in hot weather. He is forbidden to walk in the park, in the morning or at night. The air is more breathable and the ground is not so hot. Imagine your naked animal’s mat directly touching the boiling ground. He might burn them. look out! Don’t leave the dog in the car. Has your dog been following you? In summer, don’t leave it in the car, even for a few minutes! Your animal will soon dehydrate and die of high temperature. You are as responsible to your dog as you are to your dear blonde.

if you live by the sea, or your home has a swimming pool, your dog will certainly find a tea there. However, dogs may be injured by water pressure. Wet the dog before letting him play in the water.

recognizes a hot

. Even if you do your best to provide your dog with the best food in hot times, he may suffer from heatstroke.

here are some hot symptoms:

vomiting and diarrhea. Breathing is accelerated and abnormal (animals pull their tongues, open their mouths…). Trembling (the animal’s muscles tremble as if it were cold). Passive and sleepy behavior (animals seem to be unconscious). Various diseases (discomfort, loss of consciousness, etc.). Body temperature rises. The temperature rise of

can be detected by touching the dog’s ears or claws. The aggravation of fever makes these two parts hotter. You’d better use a thermometer. Please note that the temperature must be between 38 ° and 39 ° C.

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if your animal has any symptoms, take action immediately. In order for the dog to stand up again, you must first put the dog in a cool and ventilated place. Refresh his body with a cold water towel. If your pet gets worse within a few hours, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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