Uber users will soon be able to indicate whether their run is with a pet

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A new feature called UberPet will be available in the middle of next week in several cities in the United States. It will allow users to mention the fact that they will be accompanied by their animal during the journey.

The Uber service is used by many people, but for those who wish to bring their dog or cat , the risk of cancellation of the trip is great. It is not uncommon for the driver to decline the order when the customer calls them and asks if pets are allowed in the vehicle.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, the American company will make the UberPet option available to users next Wednesday (October 16). This feature, to be discovered on the Uber site , will consist in indicating that one intends to be accompanied by his animal during the journey. From then on, the race can be accepted or refused , without any bad surprises or last minute cancellations.

Initially, the UberPet option will only be offered in a few cities in the United States : Austin in the state of Texas, Denver in Colorado, Nashville in Tennessee , the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul in Minnesota , Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, Phoenix in Arizona and finally Tampa Bay in Florida.

If the order of the race is validated by the driver, it will be necessary to envisage a supplement of 2 dollars for the transport of the dog or the cat. And animals with exemplary behavior during the trip will be rewarded with treats .

Uber hopes to reduce the number of trips canceled for this type of reason.

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