Rescuers try to recover a dog lost in the open sea more than 200 kilometers from the coast using a rope

Spotted by employees of an oil company, a dog struggled not to drown when he was far from the coast, in the open sea. He had to be rescued urgently.

Vitisak Payalaw works for a large oil company in Thailand. He was on an offshore drilling platform , located more than 200 km from the coastal town of Songkhla , when he and his colleagues saw a figure struggling between the waves.

The men couldn’t believe their eyes; it was a dog . The poor animal was doing what he could to keep his head above the water , but it was clear that he was at the end of his strength and that it was necessary to rescue him without wasting time. They made several attempts, but these were unsuccessful. Eventually, the quadruped found itself very close to the oil rig and managed to grab onto it , reports Animal Channel .

Soon Vitisak Payalaw and the others secured him with a rope and brought him back to dryness.

They then cleaned him , dried him , and then gave him food and water . The poor animal was shivering and exhausted after this incredible mishap.

No one knows how he got into the water, but his rescuers believe he probably fell from a fishing boat . Anyway, he had nothing to fear anymore .

They waited for the next liaison boat to send her to town for a vet check-up . The dog was then taken to a shelter . Soon after, finding that no one had come to claim him, Vitisak Payalaw went to visit him and eventually adopted him .

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