10 tips to keep your dog happy and happy

Owning a dog means taking responsibility for your physical and mental health. Here is, in 10 points, how to take good care of your animal.

Dogs require a number of conditions in order to be healthy and thriving. It is obviously very important to have a lot of love for your 4-legged companion. But that is not all. You have to think about making him exercise, spending time with him as well as giving him his private space.

Here are 10 photos of tips to give your dog a good life.

1. Dog oral hygiene

Your dog’s oral hygiene doesn’t happen naturally. It is the responsibility of the dog’s owner to brush his teeth on a regular basis. This prevents bad breath, tooth loss and disease.

For this, there are dental treatments. An examination can also be performed by the veterinarian .

2. Visits to the veterinarian

Puppies and senior dogs need a vet visit once every 6 months. The latter will analyze their general state of health and provide them with vaccines. An annual visit is sufficient for dogs who have not yet reached their 10th year.

It is also important to think about rewarding your dog before and after these visits so that he knows that it is for his good.

3. Compliments

A dog needs to be complimented on a daily basis. Recognition is indeed very important to maintain strong bonds between the dog and his master.

Whether it is with treats , gestures or words, it will motivate the dog to do things right.

4. A calm environment

If the dog owner is in a nervous or aggressive mood, his pet will be influenced. It is possible that this arouses an aggressiveness in him that he will turn against humans or animals.

It is therefore necessary to provide some kind of exercise to be performed in order to control the dog if the situation requires it. You also have to train yourself to control yourself.

5. The private space of the dog

Dogs need to have a place of their own to retreat to when they feel like it. Parties, for example, could stress out dogs who don’t like crowds or noise.

Set aside a private space for them to go to when they need peace and solitude.

6. The caresses

Spending time on the couch, snuggling up to each other, and petting his dog is as beneficial to him as it is to us. It makes the hormones of happiness secrete.

7. The social life of the dog

It is good to remember to bring your dog when going to someone’s house. This maintains his physical as well as mental health.

He must also meet other dogs. Monitoring is still required depending on the dog’s personality.

8. The dog’s mind

Dogs need mental stimulation. This involves smelling and exploring the environment in which they are found. We must therefore let them take their time during outings.

It is important to leave the possibility of collecting the information that interests and stimulates them.

9. Physical exercise

Exercise is vital for a dog. An inactive or caged dog is an animal exposed to heart disease, high blood pressure, muscle and joint disorders. Still other diseases will lie in wait for him.

It is therefore essential for an owner to realize this responsibility he has towards his dog. Do not hesitate to take walks, hikes, activities of all kinds.

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10. Massages

Giving a massage to your dog has therapeutic as well as relational virtues. This not only relaxes it but also relaxes muscles and joints. If he is in pain, this may relieve him.

However, it must be done carefully. The dog should not be agitated. First you have to hug him, take it easy and reward him.


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