Little Ethan’s dog found, 6 years after disappearing

Ethan was only 2 years old when his dog Fern was stolen from outside the family home. The absence of her 4-legged friend made her a great deal of pain. The miracle ended up taking place: the animal was found, 6 years later, thanks to its identification chip.

6 years ago , the story of Ethan Ferrier had moved a lot of people in England and elsewhere. As The Telegraph recounts, his dog , who was one year old at the time, was stolen while she was outside the family’s house in Surrey (south-east England).

Last Wednesday (July 4), the phone call that the family so hoped for, especially Ethan who was very attached to Fern , arrived. On the other end of the line, a veterinary clinic in Surrey told mom, Jodie Ferrier , that the dog had just been found . They were able to identify him thanks to his electronic chip . As soon as Jodie announced it to Ethan , he literally cried with joy .

Her mother made the long round trip to pick up Fern and bring her back to their new home. The family had, in fact, moved to the Isle of Wight in the meantime. Soon after returning home, Fern seemed to recognize everyone, starting with Ethan . As if she had never left home.

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Vets believe Fern was stolen to serve as a breeding dog . Upon examining her, they estimated that she had had at least 6 litters . Even if she seemed well nourished , she was rather neglected (dirty hair, irritated skin…) and it was in the street that she was found. A man who saw her wandering took her home to take care of her , before taking her to the veterinary clinic. Once again, it is thanks to its identification chip that a dog has been given back to its family, years after having vanished …


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