Dog diaper

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dogs sometimes have incontinence. In order to avoid the consequences of leakage and respect the activity needs of animals, the only solution is diapers.


dog urinary incontinence fever. What criteria should different types of diapers be selected for female dogs?

sometimes you have to put diapers on your dog for many reasons. Fortunately, most layer models on the market are designed very well. They respect their form and comfort. How to ensure the correct choice? Urinary incontinence in


in most cases, dog owners let dogs wear diapers because their four legged companions have urinary incontinence problems. Some dogs lose the ability to control urine or fecal discharge for various reasons.

urinary incontinence may be due to age first: like humans and most organisms, it is difficult to control urination at a certain age. With the progress of veterinary science and the continuous improvement of dog living conditions, the life expectancy of dogs is increasing. Therefore, the number of elderly dogs with age-related diseases (including urinary incontinence) is increasing.

urinary incontinence may also be caused by diseases (prostate, kidney, cystitis, etc.) or accidents leading to dyskinesia. Inactive dogs tend to go where they live.

some behavioral disorders can also lead to urinary incontinence. Stressed, depressed or uneducated dogs are more likely to meet their needs anywhere.

finally, some sterilized dogs may have urinary incontinence problems, both male and female.

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, the inability to control urination and excretion is not the only reason for dogs to wear diapers. Some dog owners choose to feed their dogs in hot weather because they leave too much blood loss and pollute the floor of their circulating rooms. In addition, some models contain a male mosquito repellent to keep away from females when walking.

different types of dog diapers

have three main dog diaper families:

Underwear with disposable protection absorbent underwear with disposable protection

the first and second models can be washed (so they can be reused) or used once. The third type of diaper is designed for male dogs. Most models on the


markets are designed not to hinder the free movement of animals. The outline is suitable for the shape of dogs, and there are openings on the diaper for their tails to pass through.


can also be read: according to what criteria is the dog’s bow

selected? The diaper design of

dogs is basically selected according to two criteria: the size and gender of the animal.

to determine the size to be selected, you only need to measure the abdominal rotation of the animal, and then search the pattern displayed on the package.

In terms of gender, these brands provide models suitable for men and women because of their different shapes, especially inPelvic shape. “Kdspe

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