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are special moments for dogs to bathe. In order to make this moment go smoothly, we suggest that you bathe your dog from a very young age, rather than waiting for it to grow up. Some species really find it hard to accept the idea of bathing because they are afraid to give in and can’t move freely. We’ll be right there.

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when will your dog take a bath? Bathing materials bathing steps drying your dog

let your dog bathe without any complexity unless it resists. Therefore, he should develop the habit of bathing from an early age. In the next few days, this posture is very important to your dog’s health, not become a habit. When does

bathe your dog?

should only bathe the dog when the dog’s hygiene is seriously damaged:

your dog comes back from a very dirty walk. It is covered with earth. Your dog has just bathed in the sea water in the lake. Cleaning should be carried out to prevent parasites. Your dog smells bad. It may roll around in feces, feces, feces… Your dog has long and tangled hair. Although you brush your teeth, you can’t improve it. There’s no choice. We have to go through the bathtub.

a dog with short hair does not need to take a bath more than once every 2-3 months, except for these very special cases.

bath material

before any bath, you must check your material or consider buying it. Therefore, you will need:

to receive suggestions from woopets by registering for my newsletter. Your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the products used to clean dogs and the non aggressive pH value specially designed for them. They are sold in pet shops or specialty stores. Sponges, towels and mops. The bathroom steps are in your bathroom. Close and heat them in winter so that your partner won’t catch a cold. In summer, be sure to close the windows of your room in case your dog runs away with too little or too little water. Put your dog in the bathtub and, if possible, a non slip carpet to avoid panic when the dog loses grip. Talk to your dog and reassure him. Wet your dog with a shower nozzle. Its nozzle is set at the smallest position so that you won’t scare your dog. It also allows water to penetrate well under your partner’s hair, which is very thick. Therefore, gently wet the dog’s whole body with warm water (28-33 ° C). Be careful not to wet his eyes and ears. When the fur is completely wet, apply shampoo to the whole dog and carefully rub the tail, neck and back. Then you go through his abdomen, side, thighs, legs, and finally his head. Your dog should like your massage. Don’t get hurt when cleaning your legs. Rinse and be careful not to put water in your ears and eyes. Dry your dog

once completely rinsed (it should not leave traces of shampoo), your dog can now be dried. Dry the dog gently from head to foot with a sponge towel. Don’t forget any part of his body.

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for some dogs, you can use a hair dryer (there is a special hair dryer for dogs) while avoiding ears and eyes.

your dog looks beautiful and clean now.


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