How to learn commands from his dog?

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learning commands not only help to establish and strengthen the master / dog relationship, but also help to improve the master / dog’s ability. How to do this?


before any learning, we should respect the needs and conditions of dogs, learn technology, operate habitually, learn and imitate learning motivation. The latest suggestion

Every dog owner wants to know how to teach his dog. There are different learning methods. This is not always simple, because every dog is different, and you must adapt to your sensitivity and environment.

before any learning,

any form of learning must be carried out in a quiet environment. Therefore, if you want your learning to be fast and effective, you must have some prerequisites, whether it’s to teach him a command, a game, or a good etiquette!

you must first maintain a healthy relationship with your dog! Yes, you must respect each other. No one is worse than the other. Relationships based on the principle of equality will provide you with more opportunities. In addition, it will make your dog have great confidence in you. A confident dog will complete the task faster and more enthusiastically. Therefore, your choice of educational methods will be the key to building a duet.

respects the needs of the dog

respects the needs of the dog and shapes its balance. Therefore, it is very important to respect them, especially if you want to educate your dog. We can consider at least three main requirements, as follows:

basic requirements: no doubt. Dogs must be properly fed, have permanent access to water, and be able to live safely. The need for safety is important so that you don’t feel stressed. In fact, like all mammals, if a dog is stressed, it will not be able to learn because its brain can’t even record information.

physiological and psychological needs: a dog must leave home every day, even if it has a garden. His need for exploration is unique to his species. If he has a garden, it’s like he has a room at home. It’s nothing exciting for him. Physical needs also mean being able to thrive and walk or run at your own speed. Spiritual needs can be met by letting dogs sniff as they like while walking. However, when the dog is at home, you can also give it some thinking games.

social needs: the dog is a social animal. If you don’t want to have behavior problems with others, it needs to meet new people regularly in its life. Human or other animal encounters can also be added to these needs. Therefore, dogs need to be able to talk, play and contact with their peers freely. Just as it needs its human family to play and hug,

learning skills

now let’s talk about how to teach your dog a command. You will have multiple axes to borrow. It will depend on which one you see is best for your dog and your situation.

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conditioned reflex learning, which allows dogs to show so-called voluntary behavior. There are four different conditioning methods for your dog that you can mix. Positive reinforcement, which makesIntoxicate the dog with the desired behavior by giving him what he wants (such as candy). Positive punishment includes adding something unpleasant or painful to the dog (such as an electric necklace) to reduce behavior. Of course, this runs counter to the respect and welfare of animals. Negative reinforcement is to add some negative things to the dog to obtain behavior (for example, I pull the belt so that it won’t pull again). Negative punishment, if the dog doesn’t do what it wants to do (for example, take candy from the dog because it jumps on you).

habitually learn

Dogs should be given short but repetitive exercises to accept requests or change behavior. Depending on the complexity of the application, it can sometimes be repeated hundreds of times. For example, in a dog’s sitting posture learning, your dog needs to repeat many times to integrate perfectly.

imitates learning

. Here, you can use another dog who knows how to exercise to train your dog. This method is rarely used because it is much longer. In fact, either the dog will imitate his companions, regardless of human requirements. Or he will observe all the factors that will prompt his partner to do something. Therefore, he will see that human beings are its authors.

so your dog has many different ways of learning. Then you can use bait technology to take your dog where you want him to do it. There is also a capture technology that rewards what dogs naturally provide. Or modeling, also known as the “hot / cold method”, this time is to reward your dog for all the small steps until it reaches your goal.


when you want to learn a command to a dog, you must know what it will be inspired. Motivation will serve as a reward to help you make better behavior faster. We are now in a positive strengthening stage because it makes dogs full of confidence and reduce stress.


have many motives, just as there are dogs in the world. Yes, motivation is unique to everyone. However, there are three main sources of motivation:


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food: candy, ham slices or croquet! Food is a good enhancer for most dogs! Toys: Players’ favorite dogs will be rewarded with their favorite toys or play games with their owners. Social reward: a caress, a simple “yes” happily, may be a good reward if the dog connects your voice and emotion with positive things! The latest

suggests that to teach your dog a command, you must forget your noise! When you ask your dog for something, you will add these useless little words! Your learning objectives must be clear!

learn in a low stimulation environment! This means you need a quiet place without excitement. Otherwise, your dog may be distracted and don’t listen to you. You can be distracted when you are sure that your dog shows the required behavior without coercion.

keep calm! It’s no use getting angry. Be patient, encouraging and kind to your dog. “

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