He watched helplessly as his Cane Carso fell into a manhole and called for help

Sometimes the daily walks don’t go as planned. In Detroit, a city in the state of Michigan (United States), a man and his dog had the fright of their lives. The animal took a terrible fall.

Going out a dog regularly is essential so that he can spend his energy and feel good in his paws. Yusef Shakur is used to walking around every day with Simba , a Cane Corso. One evening, while they were strolling in a field, the 2 friends faced an incident that they will not soon forget.

He was sniffing, then fell, ” the owner told Fox 2 Detroit . The imposing hound of about 50 kilos accidentally fell into a manhole, to the chagrin of its attendant.

© Fox 2 Detroit (screenshot)

A saving operation

What a misfortune for the duo who wanted nothing more than to enjoy a little one-to-one excursion!

I never felt so scared and helpless, I didn’t know what was in there ,” said Yusef Shakur . Worried about his faithful life companion, he immediately contacted the firefighters.

© Fox 2 Detroit (screenshot)

The rescue team quickly arrived at the scene of the accident. A professional had to descend to retrieve the quadruped, trapped underground. Once Simba was fitted with a life jacket, rescuers hoisted him up safely and handed him over to his owner. The latter was extremely relieved to find his best friend unharmed.

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© Fox 2 Detroit (screenshot)

As a result of this mishap, the hole was plugged to prevent anyone venturing into the area from falling head first into this trap.


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