Firefighters rescue a dog trapped underground near a river

Unable to locate and rescue his dog, which had entered an underground cavity, a man called the firefighters for help. They tirelessly searched and dug for hours before retrieving the animal.

After walking away from the house, a dog found himself trapped in an underground gallery near a river. He was freed from it thanks to firefighters, as The Narragansett Times reported on June 21.

The incident took place in Narragansett , a seaside town in the state of Rhode Island in the northeastern United States. That evening, John Gouveia and his wife Christine were sitting in their garden, when their dog Bear , a 7-year-old Chihuahua / German Spitz cross, decided to venture a little too far from home.

The quadruped ran towards the river. “ Below, along the shore, there are a few small cavities that look like groundhog holes […]. They are sort of dens. He chased something in there , ”says his master.

Despite his calls, Bear sank deep into the hole. John Gouveia tried to see inside, but the gallery was too dark and led to several exits. As he continued to hear her barking, he attempted to dig a hole in the hope of reaching it, without success. It was there that he decided to call the fire department.

The dog’s collar had caught on a tree root

The Narragansett Rescue Center immediately dispatched a team to the scene. The firefighters dug in various places, but could not locate the quadruped. John Gouveia then remembered that he had a mini camera. He gave it to the firefighters, who attached it to a pole, paired it with a smartphone and brought it underground.

The Narragansett Times

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Using this device, they were able to determine Bear’s exact location and better understand what was happening to him; his necklace had caught on a tree root, preventing him from extricating himself from his trap. They dug a hole there and finally the dog was able to come to the surface unharmed after 2 long hours of effort.


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