Learn to remind his dog

Illustration : "Apprendre le rappel à son chien"

for walking, reminders are still very important in educating your dog. When you release a dog in public, your dog must obey the reminder. If he finds himself on the roadside or walking too far, it may save his life.


what are the prerequisites for learning reminders? How can I teach him? What if your dog doesn’t answer your phone? Anyway…

reminds a obedient dog that it can save his life. When you let your pet wander without a belt, remind you not to let it slip between your fingers. He gives you more peace. Once mastered, reminders will convince you that your pet will come back immediately after announcing its name.

to successfully learn to remind your dog, training must start as soon as the dog is 6 to 8 weeks old. The older your dog gets, the slower it learns. How can we make him understand what we say? How do we get him back? Follow the guide…

learn the prerequisites for reminders. Remember that the order of reminders is often misunderstood by dogs. Masters usually only say (or scream) the names of their companions. However, as soon as the dog heard his name, he expected a clear command. He felt that someone was asking him something. When the Lord thought calling his name was enough to get him back, he was waiting for the next step.

in order to avoid this misunderstanding, please pay attention to the exact order and pay special attention to your gesture language.

first needs your dog to see you to execute the reminder. Try to get close to the dog to get his attention, and say the dog’s name in the order of “Snoopy, come here!” or “Snoopy, feet”. But always use the same expression. On the other hand, sign language may destroy the order of prompts you give it. In fact, your angry behavior and screaming will be misunderstood by your peers. He’ll know you’re unhappy and never dare to come back. Under what conditions do you teach him? Step 1: start by doing some small exercises at home. For example, when he is in a room outside you, tap with his hand, and then use “Snoopy, come here!” If he / she answers your phone, please take this opportunity to congratulate and reward him / her. Make sports fun so that your dog can use it as a game. Step 2: you can go out. The first day of study can be painful because you don’t know how your dog will react. One day you must risk letting go. Choose a large, enclosed space, such as a large private garden and fence. You will be quieter and your dog will run more freely. Even if you remind him behind the garden, he won’t get lost. Step 3: it’s time to take risks in public. Take precautions. Choose a public park or path where you can see your dog before crossing the woods. There are trees and the dog may get lost. The gradual development of

is very important. If you are patient and follow all these steps, learning will be complete.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about how to teach her? Let your dog run freely and kneel in front of your dog in a short distance. Then call him greedily, say his name, and then “come” or other words of your choice, so that he can come to you. When he comes near, open your arms and hug him with a smile. Let him know you’re glad to see him coming. He didn’tI won’t refuse the offer. Finally, reward him with candy or toys. Once your dog responds correctly to your call, try this exercise when your dog can’t see you. This will force him to come to you and join you. After this basic stage, return to a closed garden and restart the operation. This time, put things or people that can distract him in his environment. This prerequisite will teach your dog a reminder in a public park where everything can distract you (joggers, other dogs, children…). Use a long training rope so you can control your dog freely and allow you to remind in the real world. Repeat this several times. What if your dog doesn’t answer your phone? If your dog doesn’t always listen to your reminders, you may become impatient. In this case, anger will only lead to more setbacks. The important thing is not to repeat it. Your dog may never succeed in mastering reminders.


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if your dog doesn’t answer reminders, don’t run around to your dog. He can think of it as a game and start again tirelessly. If he doesn’t come back soon, or if it takes him a long time, don’t punish him. His view of time is different from yours. Punishing him back, even after a period of time, will be counterproductive. He will associate punishment with responding to your reminders. Don’t put it back on the belt immediately after reminding. It is important not to tell him that recall is synonymous with coercion. Anyway… Basic elements of


is always visible when you tell him to come back. Give him a clear command, show enthusiasm when he comes back, reward him for patience, and teach him to remind

not to do

step by step Don’t be angry with him or shout at him. Don’t call him by name. Don’t punish him. Don’t stop walking after you give him the belt (he will know that if you call him and ask him to put on the belt, it’s the end of the recess)

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