Woman films heartwarming reaction of adopted dog who discovers pillow for first time in life

In Canada, a female dog named Susie didn’t know how to use the cushion her adoptive mother gave her, possibly because she had never had one before. The scene was filmed and shared on TikTok.

Some animals have never tasted comfort or received gifts. A Canadian, who is used to welcoming cats and dogs with special needs, recently brought in a new member of her family: Susie .

The little dog currently shares her daily life with her congeners Kona and Timber , the first of which has a leg amputated and the second suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia (developmental defect of the cerebellum). There are also 2 cats in the household, one of which is blind. When she arrived, Susie looked hesitant.

According to Mirror , it took the canine half an hour to walk 40 meters. And that was not all.


First night with a new foster, meet Susie ?? # foster #fosterdog #fosteringsaveslives

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The bitch didn’t know how to react to the cushion

The animal lover was moved to tears by the reaction of her new protégé. After giving her a soft pillow, she filmed a scene that moved thousands of internet users.

Susie , sitting in the grass, timidly rested her chin on the object. Most other dogs would jump at the chance to enjoy their gift, and curl up on the cozy area.

For its owner, this behavior reveals that some adopted animals have never had the privilege of living a gentle existence and benefiting from comfortable equipment. It is only in their foster homes that they experience this happiness for the first time in their lives.


Foster pups often don’t know how to “dog” when they arrive. Simple tasks, like stairs, or even getting comfortable can be firsts. #foster #fosterdog

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Providing a better life for abused or abandoned dogs

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Although many neglected or abused dogs end up in shelters, caring people give them a second chance and allow them to enjoy the joys of life.


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