The miracle happened for this paralyzed bitch from the rear end

It is the story of a dog, Starfish , brought back in a worrying state to the heart of a refuge. She suffered from paralysis of the rear end and tail. However, thanks to the attention of all and the benevolence of its healers, it has gradually been able to regain the use of all its members. A real little miracle!

Despite his condition, Starfish never stopped smiling . Paralyzed from the rear, this bitch was already paralyzed when she arrived at the shelter that took care of her. His then owners had waited two weeks to worry about his fate . Its hind legs were dragging on the ground . On his bottom, a mixture of mud, urine and feces was noticeable. But Starfish never showed sadness.

However, his case was not easy to manage. Traditionally, animals are euthanized under such conditions. Not her. A volunteer at the shelter struggled to find him a foster family . More than a dozen. All refused. All but one: Second Chance Rescue NYC .

The structure has received numerous donations on social networks in order to purchase the appropriate equipment to meet the particular condition of Starfish . The latter, no matter how harsh the ordeals, was determined to heal herself . To start again with a long therapy .

And the miracle happened …

His rehabilitation was broadcast, step by step, on Facebook. After regaining the use of its tail , Starfish was adopted . At the same time, the animal was able to count on the expertise and professionalism of Dr Terry in order to benefit from tailor-made equipment . Equipment that has been with him for a long time, before giving way to miracles .

Because, yes, the bitch’s precarious condition is no longer the same. In a video from the beginning of 2019, the dog can be seen walking as if nothing had happened. The fruit of long months of rehabilitation that has borne fruit. Now the bitch can resume a completely normal life. His paralysis is just a distant memory

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