An art gallery driven by a car. When they decide to go see the driver, they did not expect such a meeting!


In a Wisconsin town, police officers coming to see a slight traffic accident were very surprised to learn the identity of the driver. It was the dog of the owner of the vehicle. An incident, fortunately, without serious consequences either on the animal or on the building hit.”

Police officers still can’t believe it… Called to intervene in one of the streets of Sturgeon Bay, they had to deal with a minor incident; a car that hit the wall of an art gallery.”

Arrived on the scene, they collected the explanations of the owner of the vehicle, a black 4×4 of the Jeep brand. The account he provided them with greatly surprised them. The man told them that it was not he who was at the wheel of the car, but his dog, as reported by Paris Match.”

The owner of the dog had left him alone in the car for a few minutes to do shopping

The quadruped was not really at the controls, but he had accidentally released the handbrake. The car then began to drive, its race having been stopped by the wall of The Pearl of Door County. The property is both an art gallery and a place where art classes are held.”

The canid in question is a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd named Callie. According to the details he gave to the police, he had left him alone in the car only briefly, the time for him to make purchases in a bakery. The dog is totally unharmed.”

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For her part, Megan Lundhal, owner of The Pearl of Door County, showed the property damage caused by the accident to the WBAY / Abc 2 channel. Minor damage, essentially large cracks.”

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