Police Dog Awarded for Courage and Dedication Mia Retires

Bravery and dedication are valuable qualities. Mia, a police dog from Valence (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), was decorated on Tuesday July 13, after several years of loyal service.

Eric Floury , peacekeeper, is extremely proud of his Malinese dog.

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Mia specializes in researching narcotics and banknotes. From the first months, she achieved incredible performances. “ The first banknotes she discovered were in a hi-fi system, she climbed onto a piece of furniture and scratched the hi-fi system, the bills were folded in it. And for the little anecdote, during her last search, she found heroin and it was still in a stereo! »Said Eric Floury .

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Years of work rewarded

This year, Mia’s retirement time has come. But the Prefecture of Drôme wanted to pay tribute to him before his departure.

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© France Bleu

The heroine will now flow her old age, serenely, with her master. And her succession is assured: a new dog, named Perle , has taken over at the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP).


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