19 touching works by an artist who personalizes pets after they die

A designer pays tribute to the dead dogs who leave a great void behind them. This selection gives a moving overview.

Ladybug Art is the pseudonym of a designer who strives to immortalize dogs that have died. According to him, each of these drawings is made in the greatest pain because the death of a dog is one of the most moving ordeals in his eyes.

Here are 19 photos of deceased dogs immortalized in drawings.

1. A little girl who finds her best friend in a better world

2. Each dog owner imagines a place where nothing would separate him from his companion

3. A drawing full of tenderness to keep a living image of his deceased dog

4. A knowing and affectionate gaze that will forever be in their hearts

5. A moving and sincere message that this young girl sends to her canine companion

6. The place of a dog in the heart of its owner is endless

7. One last moment of happiness before saying goodbye

8. Dog paradise probably looks like this

9. A dog who will have loved his owner with all his heart before going to heaven

10. A dog ready to go to heaven with a calm heart

11. The expressions of these 2 friends have been faithfully reproduced by the designer

12. A tender hug and clear water make up this moving drawing

13. He will finally be able to run along the rainbow

14. A dog who loved walks and fields of flowers

15. His 2 canine companions will always keep him faithfully

16. The years go by and each of his dogs joins the previous one in the beyond of the dogs.

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17. A determined look of a dog capable of making the trip to the next world

18. Friends happy to meet again

19. A family that just lost a member of their trio of dogs


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