Ariana Grande posts funny video of her dog on Instagram

Ariana Grande / Instagram

Star Ariana Grande shares an adorable video of one of her dogs on Instagram, much to the delight of her fans.

Ariana Grande’s Instagram account is the star’s favorite place to share photos and videos of her dogs with her fans.

Happy, even very happy owner of 2 wonderful dogs, the celebrity does not complain about the confinement, since she can finally spend as much time as she wants with her 4-legged friends.

Just like us, dogs are also forced to stop enjoying long walks outside. Although the law allows us to take them out from time to time, we are obliged to shorten the exits for more safety.

Actress Lili Reinhart She too takes full advantage of these regulations since she takes her canine companion, Milo , on very long and pleasant walks in a vast field of poppies, as MCE tells us. The star of the series Riverdale does not fail to freeze these good times by taking pictures . The star’s Instagram followers have plenty of time to see these pictures.

Back to Ariana Grande , who admittedly doesn’t take walks in the fields, but she doesn’t skimp on photos and videos of her dogs. Here is one that the American singer and actress shared on her favorite social network. We see one of his doggies quietly installed on the sofa, giving the air of fighting against sleep:

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