20 photos illustrating the touching encounter between dogs and their favorite delivery man

Some dogs take great pleasure in greeting the delivery man, the nice person who visits them from time to time. This is what we can see in these photos.

While some dogs make it their mission to bark at the delivery man until he decides not to come back, others are waiting for him. For them, the delivery man is that great friend who passes in a gust of wind in his big truck, not forgetting to bring his caresses and the well-deserved cookies.

Here are 20 photos of dogs who love the delivery guy.

1. Every morning, this resplendent Golden Retriever comes to greet the postman

2. This dog has the most tender heart that we can have

3. The puppy has made a new friend in the person of the delivery man

4. The arrival of the ice cream truck is the most exciting event for these 2 adorable dogs.

5. The whole Cavalier King Charles Spaniel family is there to give a warm welcome to the delivery man.

6. This Australian Shepherd gave a cookie to his favorite delivery man

7. Puppies have the gift of making everyone happy even if it is gray.

8. The dog is so intimidated by the big truck that he didn’t even notice that he had been thrown a little cookie.

9. He used to bark when he saw the big truck unload until he was allowed to go upstairs to inspect and meet the nice man driving him.

10. Here is a day which starts very well thanks to this very sociable Pitbull dog

11. The Saint-Bernard and his friend the delivery man

12. This old dog takes advantage of his friend the delivery man who devotes time to him and offers him treats

13. This big puppy who is only a few months old, posing with his new friend

14. This is what we can call a smile

15. Some stops require more time than others given the number of dogs asking for their petting.

16. This dog has decided that it is break time for this delivery man

17. This is a great joy, no doubt

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18. A date that deserved a little photo

19. It will be a selfie for these 2 there

20. The whole troop of dogs is complete to come and greet the nice lady.


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