Loyal: this dog stays with a pregnant bitch in the middle of the road

Wandering, a German Shepherd female was expecting 11 puppies. At worst, lying on a Californian road, she could count on the moral support of a fellow creature who never left her. All in the hope that a car will deign to stop and rescue her …

It is sometimes in the street that we meet the best. Marley and Murphy cannot say the other way around. The first is a German Shepherd . The second, red, is a smaller size . Wandering, they have learned to help each other. At which point Murphy held company with her friend when she was about to give birth to 11 puppies.

Rather poorly, Marley was slumped on a busy road in Muscoy , California . Unfortunately, hardly any car deigned to stop, as The Dodo relates. Except one, which immediately alerted a local shelter called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue .

2 years of convalescence

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