This bitch goes wild with joy when she realizes she can see under the snow!

Some dogs, more than others, love to frolic in the snow. The current winter period is timely so that they can indulge in their passion. This bitch has seen her mistress buy her a new object that she can no longer do without: glasses.

Without glasses, we all have the same reflex: close our eyes underwater or in the snow. This happens when you fall, skiing on your feet for example. From this point of view, dogs are not that different from humans. Their eyes are all the more sensitive.

But, it is true, one rarely sees canines multiplying the nautical or winter activities. This is true, except for Maple . This bitch is more energetic than ever. She practices swimming , snowboarding or even running (on legs). She is never against an outdoor sport , as long as she can move , exercise .

Maple also has the particularity of swimming in the water with its eyes open . It was in order to protect them that his mistress, Jessica Dylan Mann , bought him ski goggles , as she admits to The Dodo.

Fall in love with glasses

The most difficult remains: putting them on the head of a Maple that is difficult to grasp. After a snowstorm , Jessica had succeeded in her turn. Maple was equipped for fun in freshly fallen white gold. This is where the bitch discovered she could see under the snowpack. A madness seized her, visible on the video shot by the owner.

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