Dealing with dogs’ fear of humans

Illustration : "Gérer la peur de l'humain chez le chien"

Why are dogs afraid of humans?


Why are dogs afraid of humans? How to avoid dogs afraid of humans? How to deal with dogs’ fear of humans?

fear is a natural survival instinct of dogs. For some dogs, protecting themselves from human harm is the guarantee of survival.

under what circumstances do dogs fear humans and how to avoid this situation, especially if they are afraid, how to deal with it? In this paper, we will ask many questions to help dog owners who are afraid of humans to better deal with this situation if not solved.

Why are dogs afraid of humans?

dogs fear humans for many reasons. This depends on the situation, possible repetition, dog sensitivity, owner’s attitude, etc.

however, there are two main reasons for dogs’ fear of humans:

Dogs have experienced one or more human related trauma conditions. Unfortunately, the most common examples are abused and beaten dogs. Dogs have never socialized during development and do not meet humans regularly. The most common situation is that dogs live in kennels a few months after birth.

dogs naturally fear what they don’t know, and naturally avoid what they are not satisfied with. How does

avoid dogs being afraid of humans?

in order to prevent dogs from causing panic to humans, we must pay attention to three basic elements:

choose to raise

. If you want to adopt a puppy, it is very important to choose it correctly. In fact, the socialization of puppies began long before they were adopted. Breeders must socialize with your future puppies when they are 3 weeks old.


. Then, it will be decisive to choose puppies within the litter range. Although this is not an accurate science, because every dog will form its own “personality” in a few months / years of its life, if you don’t want to be a potential fear object, you may miss a fear temperament when you choose a dog in a range. It’s best not to choose to see your dog last, or worse, not at all, and hide under the furniture.


, and then, when you adopt your dog, You also have a few weeks to continue socializing and provide your dog with high-quality specific internal and internal meetings (with other dogs, but also with other species: cats, humans, etc.) In this way, your dog is used to experiencing new experiences with you and meeting others without negative impact.

do you know? From 3 to 12 weeks old, the dog has formed a hard disk that can be used as a database for his life. Obviously, during this period of time, it is very important to bring as many differences as possible to the dog, but the most important thing is that positive experience is very important, so that it can fully adapt to the new situation in life.

has a consistent attitude

some dogs are naturally afraid and distrustful. In this case, your attitude as a recommender must meet the following points:

receives woopets’ suggestions through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our business news and offersEllis. Learn more don’t force contact, always leave the dog a chance to escape, never actively strengthen fear behavior (for example, touch the dog when he is afraid) don’t be afraid, so the dog won’t feel anxious through the owner. How to deal with human fear in the dog?

can be subtle, time-consuming and tedious in dealing with dogs’ fear of humans. It is recommended to use dog education and behavior professionals to avoid making mistakes, which may exacerbate and exacerbate the problem.

however, here are some suggestions to better manage daily potential problem situations:

Tip 1: don’t let your dog get into trouble. In other words, don’t take him to busy places, so as not to arouse high vigilance at home, which will only exacerbate the problem.

takes its frightened dog to a place where it often patronizes. It may be useful in immersion therapy, but it must not be despised. You must be prepared, especially for your dog upstream, and work step by step. To do this, you need a professional.

suggestion 2: give your dog as many walks as possible, where you will hardly meet anyone, so that your dog can relax and enjoy his life. This doesn’t mean desensitization every time you go out. Tip 3: your attitude will be decisive! If you are as afraid as your dog, your dog will feel unsafe and think its fear is reasonable. Let your dog know you’re not afraid. You’re here to guide him. If

wants to successfully obtain this trust, it is important to strengthen the relationship between owners / dogs in daily life, meet their needs, formulate family life rules, regularly set up short and positive obedience courses, play with them, etc. Tip 4: strengthen your dog’s obedience every day so that he can trust you under any circumstances. If he trusts you and cooperates with you, you will deal with him better when he is under pressure. Suggestion 5: in order to help you desensitize (I can’t repeat it too much), you need to find a professional dog education and behavior expert to gradually help you improve your situation. However, in order to be efficient and productive, it is important not to waste time just because you want / need to solve problems quickly. Habitual training should be gradual, brief, always positive and regular.

one of the simplest exercises is an exercise that can be called “hot / cold”:

should also read: why does my dog cry? “”

” Put yourself in a place where there may be people (such as a park), but don’t be too crowded. Bring your dog’s favorite rewards and his favorite toys. Keep yourself away from a few people, the distance your dog can stand, the distance it doesn’t pay attention to others. Start playing with him, reward him, etc. simply put: connect being with others (even far away) with things that are good for your dog. Then, bit by bit, you can approach, but this may require several treatments, depending on the severity of your dog’s psychological injury, its sensitivity, your attitude, the environment you choose, etc.

the most important thing is not to walk too fast. Sometimes we have toOnly satisfied with a small improvement, even just because the dog doesn’t respond.

all things will gradually let your dog understand that people are not dangerous and sometimes even interesting around him. “

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