Facing the death of his dog

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, our relationship with dogs has become so strong that we finally assimilate them with our children, brothers and sisters. The sadness after their death is also strong and difficult to deal with.

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can’t restrain sadness, know how to say goodbye, and remember the precious time spent together.

losing a dog is losing a real family member. Sadness and emptiness are as important as the departure of a human relative. The death of a dog mate is never easy. Sad work is long and painful, but it is inevitable. How to overcome the death of dogs? How to deal with this pain and strive to move forward while keeping in mind his precious memory?

can’t restrain his sadness.

feels deeply sad after his dog’s death, which is a very humanized feeling. Trying to bury her, stop her pain and prevent her from expressing herself is the worst thing you can do in this test.

on the contrary, you must show your pain and cry when you need it. In doing so, a person is more likely to experience the first stage of sad work, which is characterized by whether he agrees with his partner’s death, followed by anger or guilt. This may be because I feel like I haven’t done enough to save my dog. It may also be due to the decision made by the euthanasia deceased after all attempts to alleviate pain failed.

some people successfully completed the process in a few days, while others took months. Everyone must give himself enough time to do this, rather than trying to bury his feelings or act in a hurry.

knows how to say goodbye to

. Some rituals can help us mourn and accept the disappearance of animals. That’s how the funeral is arranged. For example, before burying him, making every effort to greet his memory and say goodbye can give him some comfort. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Knowing more about the existence of

relatives provides considerable support, just like holding a funeral for a dead person.

burying dogs is not always possible, which is why cremation is usually the favorite funeral for mourners. If you want to choose incineration, esthima is right beside you. Esthima has 15 crematoria and funeral homes all over France. Throughout the process, esthima will accompany you, go through formalities with your veterinarian, or take care of your dog directly in the nearest center. The company offers three types of ceremonies (plural, reference, private) to provide appropriate funerals for your partner. He is a family member. It is very important to say goodbye to him.

remembers our precious time together.

goes home for his first birthday, walks on the beach, in the forest… Even some small stupid things he did, which made us laugh later. All these are precious and beautiful memories, which must be preserved and recalled.

thinking about our good time together helps to digest his departure and absence. He has things, his toys, his photos, we see videos of him playing, running, and playing

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