When 2 neighboring dogs literally fall in love with each other

Loki and Lola are 2 adorable dogs who, although separated by a fence, make a wonderful couple.

As The Dodo tells it, a dog and a bitch , whose owners are neighbors , have become inseparable and live a magnificent story of friendship , even love .

Last March, Amber Monte moved to Surrey (a county in the south-east of England) with her dog Lola , a Golden Retriever breed.

The latter is rather the type to be easily intimidated by large dogs . However, when she discovered that of her new neighbors, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a white coat, she was not at all afraid , quite the contrary.

It must be said that Loki made things very easy. Her joie de vivre and her insatiable desire to play and meet new people quickly won over the dog. Nevertheless, the owners of Lola and Loki believed that the enthusiasm each of them showed for the other was motivated only by curiosity and the desire to get to know each other . They were far from suspecting that a much stronger bond was going to form between them.

Lola systematically tries to exit through the back door, leading to the backyard which is contiguous to the neighbors’ garden . A low wooden fence separates the 2 properties, allowing the Golden Retriever and the Staffie to keep in touch. Amber Monte’s dog scans the arrival of her neighbor, who often awaits her on the other side of the separation. And if Loki is n’t there, she stays seated until he finally appears.

Loki now even manages to jump over the fence to invite himself into Amber Monte’s yard, and thus join his friend.

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