A dog from the canine squad uses his skills to find a teenager

Tango is not a dog like the others: he is a member of the canine brigade of Pennington County (South Dakota, United States). It was set up to find missing people. On Saturday July 10, he gave another significant kick.

A family reported the disappearance of their child around 6 p.m. last Saturday. In response to the distress call, the sheriff’s office worked with the canine brigade and other county departments. Although a lot of manpower was deployed, only one individual managed to spot the young man, lost for 3 hours.

© Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

Not all heroes wear a cape

The skills of the Australian Shepherd were once again applauded. His exceptional flair and intelligence made it possible to find the 17-year-old boy, People reports.

Tango is proving to be an indispensable member of the rescue team. Thanks to him, lives were saved. But he’s not the only hard-working hero.

© Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

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Earlier this month, a dog named Mercy located a girl who went missing during Tropical Storm Elsa , Florida. The Chien de Saint Hubert followed his trail for nearly a kilometer through the thick forest. The little girl, safe and sound, and her relieved family have been reunited.


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